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Learn the essentials guitar techniques, and arranging skills to write better songs and get more placements.

Get feedback on ways to improve your songs and hooks.

We provide a custom plan to help you, develop better songs, license your music, and advance your music career.

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I was in a slump of finding new way to express myself. Now I have a whole new record worth of songs and I feel confident playing them

-Derek Zanetti (The Homeless Gospel Choir)

The planning we did specifically is incredibly helpful! I know I wouldn't have felt confident if we hadn' was invaluable to me.

-Arielle Eden (Artist/Songwriter)

Learning a TON in my sessions with Heather! I strongly encourage artists to invest in this!

-Paul Templeton (Artist/Songwritng)

Working with Mike has built up my guitar skills and confidence. 
I'm headed out on my first tour and I know I'm ready!

-Allison Asarch

Mike Meiers
Mike Meiers is an Emmy Award Winning composer, songwriter, producer, and sought-after guitar coach. His prominent placements on major networks such as MTV, VH1, Fox Sports, NPR, Showtime and Target have captured the attention of many rising star indie artists, music libraries and industry influencers.

If you're ready to work with Mike one-on-one, please fill out the short questionnaire below to get on the waitlist. We'll get back to you with a personalized success plan.
Heather Evans
Artist & Sync Coach, Heather Evans is so excited to be here at Songwriting for Guitar to help motivate and guide you as an artist. Working as an indie artist since 15, she's had songs placed on FOX, MTV, ABC, NBC, Netflix and much more. 

You don't have to be with a fancy label to make a living in music, and she's living proof of that. You can bring about huge career moves in less time than you think, but it's time to focus.

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Josh Doyle
Josh Doyle is an audio engineer, songwriter, drummer and founder of 3 Theory Music. With hundreds of songs written, produced and licensed, Josh is sharing his secrets to getting your next mixes broadcast and sync ready. You can hear Josh's music used by companies like Amazon, Toyota, Verizon, Delta Airlines, Showtime, HBO, NBC, ABC, CBS. 

If you're ready to work with Josh one-on-one to get your mixes sounding professional consistently, please fill out the short questionnaire below to get on the waitlist. We'll get back to you with a personalized success plan.
Lainey Dionne
Berklee College of Music grad, Lainey Dionne is an indie pop singer/songwriter with over a quarter of a million streams on Spotify. She's an acclaimed songwriter, wracking up the songwriting awards, and has written with top songwriters in the industry. One of Lainey's co-writes has over a million streams on Spotify and she's pitched to Selena Gomez. 

Several of her recent tracks have been heard on over 40 national radio stations and on national television shows such as MTV's Teen Mom and Amazon Prime's Making The Cut with six songs placed.

Q: What is Coaching? 

Coaching provides the necessary space and structure for your development! Coaches help you reflect and understand what your VALUES are and where your ACTIONS diverge from your values and GOALS so you can move forward quickly and with intention!

Coaching is a participatory process that helps you achieve your optimal performance! The people who get the MOST out of coaching want to take their next steps and have a desire to learn and grow. 
But! Great coaching always starts with the experience of the coaches themselves, and their ability to guide you through your own repeatable process.

Q: Why are these coaches right for me? 

The right client/coach match is a must! 
Our coaches are high energy, motivating, and are making their own music at a high level! 
They are getting their songs heard everywhere from Netflix shows, movie trailers, to Mario Cart Ads.  

Depending on which track you’d like to go, (Guitar Skills & Recording, Sync Artists, Writing for other Artists, Mixing, etc… ), we have a coach specifically working in that field to help you tackle the difficult issues that are getting in your way. 

How? They've been where you are and understand the challenges you're facing right now.
We get to the nitty gritty of your why, of past hangups, of your current habits, and your passions and skillsets 
so you can create behavioral change, while upping the level of your actual skills.

 From beginners to advanced musicians, we keep you accountable and build on your skill and natural music ability, so you find 
confidence quicker and start to creating opportunities and momentum. 

Jump in with our high end coaches to take steps towards creating your dream!

Q: Next Steps?

Apply for the coach you feel will give you the most value, 
Fill out your no-commitment application, and if accepted, our coaches will send you a personalized plan and detailed package proposal.
Then simply choose your payment method (payment plans available for certain packages) and follow the steps to book your weekly Zoom sessions. 
You can reserve your time out months in advance so you get your preferred time. 
You're on your way! Instructions will follow as soon as you take the first step!

Not sure which coach is right for you? 
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